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AKUSTICO® for Noisy Restaurants

April 5, 2018

There is nothing more frustrating than going to a busy restaurant with a friend or loved one and having to scream or shout just to communicate. It’s hopelessly annoying and most probably the paying party are not going to stay for coffee or dessert, leave a tip or more importantly never return to that establishment – not good news for the restaurant owner. In fact, one of the most common complaints in a restaurant environment after the food was unsatisfactory is the noise levels were totally unacceptable for that open space.

The problem is that too may non-porous hard surfaces will thrive on peoples conversations, and simply bounce around that chatter in that room. This is commonly referred to as the cocktail party effect, and what happens is that you unknowingly must talk louder to be heard, and the domino effect is that everybody in that room who is speaking will need to follow suit which increases the mass volume to a simply irritating level. You normally speak at around 50 db and in these noisy environments you will be pushing 70-80 db which is like a very busy street noise, highly inadmissible in an indoor environment. Indeed, we can all relate to a similar irritating situation, when you double the effort making eligible communication.

Recently, studies show that an ideal restaurant environment should have sound absorbing materials within that open space to absorb the unwanted noise, such as carpet, wood or purposely built acoustic instruments. The main unwanted noise to reduce is the reverberation of sound waves, where speech will bounce off solid surfaces such as walls, glass, metal etc.  and solutions are needed to prevent that sound from bouncing around the room. The trouble restaurant owners have today is how do you swiftly install these instruments as well as keeping an aesthetically pleasing environment in mind, and secondly how much is necessary for this open space. You can start with a simple calculation (Height X Width X Depth) X 0.3 (3%) = square footage of sound absorbing material either needed on walls or ceilings for that space.


Our Trending Solution 

As for recommended product, one of the most innovative and futuristic applications around is called DESCOR® systems and is supplied as a complete install by Mainwaring & Partners’ team. This system provides the opportunity to digitally print a fantastic mural onto the ceiling or wall, and furthermore will remove the unwanted noise that is not needed.

Here is an example of a successful install we did completed at an Indian Restaurant with our AKUSTICO® textile to assist with noise control and establish the perfect ambiance for customers.


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