AKUSTICO® for Noisy Restaurants

There is nothing more frustrating than going to a busy restaurant with a friend or loved one and having to scream or shout just to communicate. Check out our solution!

New Partnership for DESCOR® Certified Installs

Mainwaring & Partners are proud to announce their partnership with JSS Installation for DESCOR® Certified Installs

M&P at DECOREX International

M&P exhibited with the collaboration of PressOn UK, two of the most popular sound acoustic textiles on our portfolio, Silencio 5 and Akutex.

Acoustics in Banks & Open Plan Spaces

Properly designing the acoustics of open spaces is known to have a great impact on personal well-being

Choosing The Optimal Sound Absorption

Interesting facts to learn more about where and how to control room acoustics.

Signage: Textile vs. Vinyl

Forecasts within the digital print industry are in-favour of textiles for a double-digit growth by 2021. Why is textile media getting ahead?

Acoustics for Healthcare

A recent study on acoustics in public health institutions provided some shocking results when various hospital departments were surveyed.