Our product portfolio of textiles is adaptable for a variety of applications: from stunning backlit systems to highly customizable sound absorbing panels, as well as blackout fabrics for projector screens, and sanitized textiles for hospitals and public health clinics. All of our premium products are very resistant quality textiles suitable for long term usage and with fine art reproduction possibilities.

A special product specifically made to achieve the needed sound-absorption results with the adequate acoustic textile.
A very light, supple acoustic material. Akustico® is ideal for stretch walls and ceilings and upholstery. With its unique crepe weave, it features very high scrub and pilling resistance. This textile can reach Class A sound absorption value. Fire retardant, crease-resistant, up to 505 cm in width.
Artist Backlite features excellent printing properties. It’s structured surface is also well suited for art reproduction. HP profiled.
Artist Heavy is taking print media to a new level of quality. The woven fabric is designed for universal applications such as banners, displays or backlighting. With brilliant colour reproduction up to 505 cm. HP profiled.
Light diffusion at its best with Artist Mambo. A woven, crease-resistant fabric with light diffusion coating. Designed for brilliant colour reproduction, no pinholing.
A knitted, non-coated fabric with a silky front. Backlit Premium stands out due to excellent printing properties. The fabric is the perfect backlighting material.
DESCOR® Premium is a high-end textile designed for covering walls and ceilings. Evenly woven, smooth and durable, DESCOR® Premium is available in widths from 320 up to 520 cm and is suitable for digital printing for HP Latex and UV.
DESCOR® Premium Acoustic is a high-tech and innovative textile that not only contributes to acoustic correction, but also improves the sound insulation and makes for a beautiful decorative sight. This textile can reach Class A sound absorption value.